New Patent semi-automatic PET blowing machine ( Patent No. 201720832440.2)

This is a complete new semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine system. The equipment unit includes: high pressure air compressor – high pressure pipeline – high pressure gas tank – high pressure ultra filter – high pressure gas refrigeration dryer – Heating Group – bottle blowing mold – bottle blowing machine

Regarding to the key point in producing light weight PET folding bottle, Our factory’s professional team has carried out optimization in all machinery designs and achieve patent as well, so as to make the system fully complete rapid producing PET bottles in thin-wall bottle blowing condition, this system can also be compatible with 2L – 20L PET bottle blowing production.

The system is mature and simple, the machine quality is stable and reliable, easy to operate, maintenance. It is your best choice to make the folding light weight PET bottles.

Post time: Aug-07-2019