• New Patent semi-automatic PET blowing machine ( Patent No. 201720832440.2)

    This is a complete new semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine system. The equipment unit includes: high pressure air compressor – high pressure pipeline – high pressure gas tank – high pressure ultra filter – high pressure gas refrigeration dryer – Heating Group –...
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  • Plastic cap description

    The plastic bottle cap is a combined plastic for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding, and mainly comprises a combination of a die assembly substrate, a die assembly and a die combination card. A concave mold of a variable cavity, a punch ha...
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  • Introduction of several sterilization methods for plastic bottle caps

    Several kinds of sterilization methods for plastic bottle caps are introduced in the use of plastic bottles. The hygienic unsanitary nature of plastic bottles is of concern to us, especially for bottle caps. Because there are unclean things on the bottle cap when drinking, it may be brought into ...
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