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For food packaging hygienestandards of polyethylene products

Ningbo North Lunbo Crown Plastic Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd. It was founded in May ,in the original the Beilun Guanbo plastic mold factory(established in June 1996) is that the restructured it. My company specializes in the production of five gallons of drinking water smart cap beverage cap,matching cap. We ensure the quality of all our food grade PE raw materials. Injection molding equipment and precision molds are sourced in the domestic large and professional manufacturer to ensure that most of our products fully automatic non-contact production we have professional products for higher requirements.



Ten thousand clean packaging plant to handle customer's demand the company with a full-time quality control personnel in the procurement process control and finished the product inspection, services, Indentity. Corrective as well as preventive measures such links all have very strict requirements of ISO9001. We focus on controlling manage and method.

Our products are safe and reliable. Packaging used for drinking water. Has passed the European standard SGS and GB 9687-1998 "for food packaging hygiene standards of polyethylene products."

Ningbo the City North Lunbo crown Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd. has strong technical force class management personnel,modernization of production equipment and perfect service system.Products for a long time to export the accumulated experience are the ideal partner for the majority of businesses.

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